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Fashion flat sandals ten things to watch

By si3600027 · July 14, 2009 · 0 Comments ·
Flattie has become a new fashion trend, many women are slowly accepting it, because of its beauty and romantic while still casual. With a low, wide last, light texture, so you stand a long time, not easy to take a long time tired.
The shoes have a design that is an interesting place back in the shoes fitted with a zipper to facilitate the mind. Suede, fringed, and are designed to bare 100% of the popular element. With the option of light when the mini-skirt, or full of cowboy cool fresh coat.
The blue goatskin flattie is done, 100% of the soft and comfortable, clean and refined, and with flowers with the most perfect dress.

The entire section using black leather shoes, trimmed with golden thread, it is close to bare feet Office in the design of the hasp. Upper part of the body to wear black dress never out-of-date, instantly restored into an elegant beauty.
Want to also fashionable and sexy, then this election right shoes. Shoe leather belt adorned in the sheet metal. Recently put the odds of her jeans, or skirts PUNK, ah la the wind.
Want gorgeous low-key election it wrong. Paper for Serratula, bare-metal ring, the shining light in the night. PUB loaded it on to you.
The shoes are lightweight, popular coral, bare feet out of touch of silver, the slender ribbon, Bohemian-style shoes, the United States.
Indian-style thick leather tassel + for + the shoes are chocolate, hot with jeans, cool. Can also be used with wide scarf.
If you love romantic nature, printing it to put on long skirts, wear large sunglasses, wearing a pair of sandals printing. If you want a classic Bohemian style, hot + stamping Kamisugi on OK.
Want to become a princess of the Arabian Nights story, then quickly put on your shoes! Original and refined, a combination of embroidery and sequins so that pairs of shoes filled with mysterious Oriental atmosphere, ultra-short black mini skirt and a long silver chain with a good magic weapon.
See also Rome, shoes, the big summer heat, but with the proposals and short skirts or denim smock generous match, the hair style can be made to look around in full.

Christian Louboutin red clogs temptation

By si3600027 · July 2, 2009 · 0 Comments ·
Christian Louboutin on the whole do not need to do too much the fashion world, introduced his iconic red clogs have been a complete subversion of the footwear industry.

Well, following the impact of advertising in them? Christian Louboutin photo advertising the latest controversy while suffering from the eye but it does hook people, as is the fashion for the credit crunch alarms ring ring a gong in mind. When Peter Lippmann photographer hired, when this group has laid a successful advertising, still life set off the wave of fashion photography.

Transformers actress wearing sexy rules

By si3600027 · July 2, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

With the global heat from the film Transformers, Megan Hollywood sexy goddess. Fox is also a corresponding rise in popularity. Men think: If there are no Megan Fox, just a bunch of robots to fight very hard, is not willing to spend money on how many people buy into the theater. Women are all ways in the clothing, the manners shape with Megan, so that also some sexy seductive qualities of Such is Life.


the food that let you sleep for eight hours in summer

By si3600027 · July 1, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

Sleep at night can get down to 7-8 hours on the secret? U.S. health experts say: go to the kitchen and enjoy the following 10 species of 12 kinds of food. Because they can ease muscle tension and smooth the tension, it was calm, can induce sleep hormone - serotonin and melatonin production.

In addition to a smooth banana serotonin and melatonin, it also contains so may have the effect of muscle relaxant magnesium.

Chrysanthemum Tea
Chrysanthemum tea has the effect of moderate sedation, the nerve can not relax or physical, it is perfectly natural means of confrontation.

Temperature of milk contains a number of tryptophan (a role with the stabilization of amino acids) and calcium, calcium is conducive to take full advantage of brain tryptophan.

Your honey to warm milk or herb tea Add a small amount of honey, some glucose to your brain to stop eating produce Su-, Su-eating is a recently discovered and remain sober-related neurotransmitters.

Potatoes it can be removed on tryptophan-induced sleep disturbance from the role of the acid. In order to achieve this effect, you simply roasted mashed potatoes warm milk after the introduction of food can be.

Oatmeal can produce melatonin to induce a small bowl can serve as a catalyst for the effects of sleep, if a large number of chewing oatmeal would be more effective if.

It contains tryptophan almond, and contains the right amount of muscle relaxant - Magnesium.

Flaxseed as long as you drink before bedtime in the cast into the oatmeal 2 tablespoon flaxseed that can be played wholesome expected results. They are rich in omega -3 fatty acids.

Whole wheat bread
Whole wheat bread, honey in the tea and drink water eat a piece of whole wheat bread will help to promote the secretion of insulin, insulin transfer into the brain of serotonin, tryptophan contribute to have an impact on the brain to promote sleep.

Turkey. Every Thanksgiving Day, people can be marked with the doze Xiangxiang, which are attributed to turkey, which is considered the best sources of tryptophan. However, this may well be no more than modern folklore. When your stomach instead of the basic state in a fasting satiety, quite a large amount of carbohydrates rather than protein, the tryptophan will begin to work. Night in a number placed on whole wheat bread 12 thin slices of turkey, you probably started in the kitchen of your trip to sleep. (Of course, eating turkey is not just all the Oh ~)

I hope you always healthy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If more food can help you to sleep, perhaps you should check your sleep habits, what are the reasons in the end allows you to remain so in the late state of excitement.

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DIOR high heels goddess of the African element of totem

By si3600027 · June 28, 2009 · 0 Comments ·
Recent quarters, it is more artistic sense of high-heeled shoes, have made a big fuss on the heel. DIOR in with this trend, select the "tribe" of inspiration, the designer of the original land of the African style Dior into the spring and summer of this year, "Tribal Chic (fashion blog)", will be a symbol of the lives of rich and into the sexy totem modeling high heels. Regardless of this not to mention for the worship of the tribal totem whether some disrespect, we just want the season to attract many eyeballs.

A pair of high heels allows you to build a better change

By si3600027 · June 25, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

A beautiful party dress is absolutely amazing the audience can not be separated from a pair of high heels can, Editor's Choice of the 15 pairs of high heels to wear for the party, according to their temperament is also very important to choose the Oh.

Background of female high-heeled shoes is tall and straight posture and fashion beautiful, one of the elements, on the memories of a woman, people only care about three things: She looks the most beautiful, ever loved a man as well as the high-heeled shoes. Of a woman, the high-heeled shoes are like a dagger, so proud a woman to conquer the hearts of their own.

Black, with white, never corrupt, arbitrary small with a dress, whether to participate in what patry, your legs are the focus of the audience.

Purple in a little blue, is suitable for wearing in summer heat, the exposure under the sun, showing a romantic date with a partner must have shoes Oh Ga

Fish head first over the past few years popularity of high-heeled shoes, Christian Louboutin has also introduced a lot of fish head, the now for you to display several

Eccentric, eye-catching and hard wearing shoes is access to consumers. Designers have begun to be used in handbags usually before special design and material transferred to the shoe on. Christian Louboutin shoes he designed for the fashion industry's big shot. If you still think that when relying on the most new handbag dawdle, you need to think twice on the. This season, focus the attention of passers-by will be your feet. The soles have a pair of red high-heeled shoes, a few since this quarter is not a new topic is long overdue. Christian Louboutin, who produced his red soles Liangliang, shrugged high heel shoes to wear in almost every Hollywood star's feet.

DIOR shoes worth having

By si3600027 · June 25, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

Every girl wants to have a pair of Snow White from Cinderella into the Slipper. Slipper magic is, you can immediately change the fate of Cinderella, then have a lifetime of happiness. In real life, there is no Slipper, but there is a very beautiful high heels. High-heeled shoes will not change the fate of the girls, but it can easily change the external character of a young girl. Elegant, beautiful. Poor people, people appreciate.

very beautiful shoes ! On our boots.bz shoes shops, there are Many types of DIOR shoes,

Shoe-making family Ferragamo in 09 spring and summer footwear

By si3600027 · June 23, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

Appearance and connotation of the perfect blend. Mouth and toe shoes shape refreshing, as a "feminine" made a new interpretation. Heel height, size and proportion of all tight after a clever new design, attractive charm of inadvertently running.

On our boots.bz shoes shops, there are Many types of  Ferragamo shoes.


Need rare LV sandals 20 List

By si3600027 · June 22, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

Top of the atmosphere lies in its simplicity of design, meaning attached to the form, and highly desirable. Throughout the design of LV, is not complicated. LV landmark work patterns of all the main characters, be applied to any of the products known as LV.

On our boots.bz shoes shops, there are Many types of  LV shoes.


Secret Star exclusive big feet sandals

By si3600027 · June 18, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

In the fashion industry, there is a fairly advanced knowledge, both stars Queen, or ordinary you and me, as long as one to watch, who will be able to wear your clothes, bags, shoes, jewelry and even the brand of pretty close guess. Sami is a recent expert advice, good practice martial arts in this fashion. This small test chopper, from the big-name Hollywood stars sandals feet start to break them one by one for all of the sandals worn in the end what is the brand.

Mischa Barton Alexander McQueen Grommet Booties

Jessica Alba Rosa Fringed Suede Sandals by Gerard Darel

Vanessa Hudgens Chinese Laundry Sudoku flats

Mischa Barton                                                                TChristian Louboutin Deva Suede Fringed Booties

Lindsay Lohan                                                                             Alexander Wang `Alexis` fringe boots

Heidi Montag                                                                    Christian Louboutin Platform Espadrille Slide

Lindsay Lohan                                                                              DV by Dolce Vita Kalua Sandals

Mischa Barton                                                                     Louis Vuitton Spicy Sandals in Red

Ashley Tisdale                                                                    Cynthia Vincent Women''s Iris Lace Up Wedge

Vanessa Hudgens                                                                      Twelfth Street Luella Wedge

Mischa Barton                                                                         Alexander McQueen Neon Flash Shoe Boots

Katie Holmes                                                                          Kenneth Cole New York Fringe Me

Kim Kardashian                                                                       Marni Platform sandals

Lindsay Lohan                                                                             Gucci Bikini Flip-Flops

Miley Cyrus                                                                    Lovely People Eternity Platform Sandals

Lauren Conrad                                                    Urban Outfitters Ecote Braided Leather Sandal

Ashley Tisdale                                                 Loeffler Randall Mabel Very Strappy Open Toe Booties

Heidi Montag                                                    Jimmy Choo Private strappy sandal

Lindsay Lohan                                                      Azzedine Alaia Gladiator Flat Boots

Leighton Meester                                                   Marc Jacobs Bow Gladiator Sandals in Black

Leighton Meester                                               Christian Louboutin 123 Double Platform Sandal

Audrina Patridge                                                 Stella McCartney Flat espadrille sandals

Nicole Richie                                                         Christian Louboutin Button-web Strappy Sandals

Miley Cyrus                                                     BCBG Max Azria Gianni Lace-Up Strappy Sandals

Leighton Meester                                                        Jimmy Choo Glenys Sandal

Vanessa Hudgens                                                          foot candy suede peep toe sandal

Jennifer Love                                                     Hewitt L.A.M.B. Hunter Multi Strap Ankle Bootie

Lindsay Lohan                                                       Yves Saint Laurent Metallic 'Tribute' Sandals

Jessica Alba                                                           Low-Rise Flip Flop Sandal by dv by Dolce Vita

Hilary Duff                                                                Antik Batik Langoa Flat Sandal